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  • 产品品牌   ANCHOR-安创
  • 产品型号   V12
  • 产品描述



 SIZE :L365xW125xH412mm   产品规格:L365xW125xH412mm 
Inlet Valve:luxurious adjustable C   进水配置:豪华可调C进水阀
Drain Valve:luxurious adjustable 285 drainage valve   排水配置:豪华可调285排水阀
Meet The Standards:GB26730-2011  符合标准:GB26730-2011

* using the single double drainage design, according to the actual need, use 3-7 litres of displacement, can save water

* imported engineering plastic casing and accessories, with light weight impact resistance, no corrosion to rinse 

* avoid reservoir pressure water tank for water pipeline instantaneous negative pressure, the water in the tank to pour 
   into cause water secondary pollution in pipeline leakage phenomenon and influence the effect of flushing

* more durable than traditional ceramic water tank water saving, and simple installation not easy damaged 

* silent water device, make you use are elegant and comfortable; Streamline key design, gently press to make the  

   excrement disappear

* drainage part, the key and the rod drainage valve tightly, to avoid common rod and drain valve fall off the drain 
   valve with high quality silicone, good sealing effect and long service life.